Birthday Gift Ideas For The Money-Focused Teenager

Are you searching for the perfect birthday gift that will indulge your teenager's money interests and teach them some financial responsibility? Look no further – you can't go wrong with these two awesome ideas:

A Coin Collection

Giving a collection of various coins to your teen for their birthday is an excellent way to teach them about investing in vintage currency and precious metals, as well as give them an opportunity to learn about the politics and history that revolve around collectible coins. Because some coins appreciate in value as they age, your teenager can learn how to save effectively and invest in the value of their collection as time goes on.

Browse online outlets and ask around for local coin dealers or banks to gather a collection of coins from various worldwide locations and eras, then place the coins into a portfolio or small pouch before presenting them to your teen. You'll find many interesting and valuable options to choose from such as:

  • Morgan Dollars
  • Liberty Head Nickels
  • Vintage Minted Coins
  • Wheat Pennies
  • Silver Proof Sets

Consider printing off information sheets from the Internet that tell a little about each coin you include in the collection for your teen and present the sheets in a binder as a guidebook.

A Money-Match Opportunity

Instead of simply buying the present of your teen's dreams for their birthday, take the opportunity to teach them some responsibility and gift them with a money-match opportunity. Start a savings account for your teen in their name and offer to match every penny they deposit into the account, up to a specific amount that you predetermine, that can be used to purchase something special like a car or a vacation to an amusement park.

Put your teen in charge of providing you with bank statements at the end of each month so they are responsible for making sure that their money gets properly matched as they save. In the end, your teen will end up with something they really want while learning the value of a buck and the importance of saving their money in order to get ahead in life. It will also give you an opportunity to help your teen obtain something of value that you can't afford to foot the bill by yourself.

These gift ideas are sure to put a smile on your teen's face while providing them with long-term financial benefits that they'll appreciate for many years to come.