Inherited A Wrist Watch But The Strap Has Seen Better Days? Here’s Where To Look For A Replacement

Sometimes, the greatest memories people have of their grandparents are of what they always wore, such as their favorite wrist watch. Being given the treasured possession of a deceased loved one can be an emotional experience, but it can also bring questions of whether or not you should wear it or put it away for safe keeping.

One thing that can make that determination is whether or not the strap is sturdy enough for the wrist watch to be worn regularly. Fortunately, there are several ways you can replace the strap on a vintage wrist watch so you won't be afraid to lose the watch. Here are a few ideas.

Visit your local pawn shops

Pawn shops like Pawn World are famous for having a steady supply of jewelry and watches, some of which are vintage. Take a look at the wrist straps and watches that are available in the local pawn shops to see if you can find a strap that will fit and meet your needs. Take your watch with you so you can be sure to get a replacement strap that will fit and look great with the watch itself. You may even find a duplicate of the watch you have, which would be great for watch replacement parts if your prized possession ever needs to be repaired. If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask the sales person behind the counter if they have anyone scheduled to bring in estate jewelry and items.

Go to estate sales

You may be able to find vintage wrist watches and straps at estate sales. Look through the estate sales listings in the classified section of your local newspaper to see if any list vintage watches and/or watch straps as part of their offerings. Contact local auctioneers and estate sale companies to see if they know of any sales coming up that will have wrist watches and straps.

Scour online resources

Of course, nowadays you can go online and scour through many websites to look for what you need. This may be the riskiest endeavor when it comes to purchasing a replacement strap for a wrist watch that you hold near and dear to your heart. You won't be able to determine the quality and ensure the fit is right if you make this type of purchase online. However, sometimes businesses that sell online also have traditional stores where you can go and see the item(s) you are interested in first hand.