Workout Gear That Serves A Purpose

When going to the gym one of the most important aspects is your gym attire. It can be super hard to find material that you enjoy working out in. You need to find a balance between comfort, style, and purpose. While style and comfort can be relatively easy to come by, it can be hard to find gym clothing that serves a specific purpose. There are a few different articles of clothing that just make lifting and running much easier. Here are a few different articles of clothing that will make your workout just a little bit smoother.

Smartphone Pocket

It can be very difficult to listen to the music that you want to listen to when you are running or lifting. If you simply put your smartphone in a regular pocket, the odds are that you are going to lose your phone. This is especially true if you do any decline workouts such as abs or decline bench press. If you are running with your phone in a regular pocket, the phone is going to bounce around like crazy. Another popular way to hold a phone that is not very effective is the armband. This is popular because it does secure the phone, but if you get any amount of blood pumping through your arm, it is going to get much too tight. So, this is not a very effective way to hold a smartphone either. Luckily there are now companies that are building shorts with a specific smartphone pocket. These shorts will usually have a snug pocket that keeps the phone secure while also keeping your other extremities free from confinement. If you have ever battled with keeping your smartphone secure while working out, you need to try shorts with built in smartphone pockets.


There are many athletes that will not walk onto their chosen field or court without having specific gear. One very popular item is compression sleeves. The compression sleeve can be a huge benefit to your workout. One of the most important things that a compression sleeve will do for your body is keep your muscles warm and supported. These can be very important when doing compound lifts such as cleans, jerks, snatches, and squats. However, compression sleeves also help when running by providing support. Compression sleeves have been used for a very long time in battling shin splints and other nagging ailments that affect runners.