3 Tips For Shopping For Women’s Panties That Fit You Comfortably

If you find that you need new underwear, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to ensure you find women's panties that fit you correctly and will not slip or bunch up during the day. If so, use the following tips for making it easier to shop for women's panties that fit you comfortably.

Take Your Measurements

Before you leave to go to the store, use a tape measure to take the exact measurements of your waist, hips, and tops of your thighs. Because not all brands of panties have the same measurements, these numbers can help you find pairs that fit your size.

If you are uncertain about where to measure your hips, bend sideways and place your index finger in the center of the crease that forms. This gives you the central point of your hips where you can get an accurate measurement.

While you are at the store, either look on the package or display to find the measurements that closely fit yours. Then, find the corresponding size, such as 5, 7, or 9, to the measurements.

Look for a Cotton Crotch

After finding panties that closely match your personal measurements, look for panties that have a cotton crotch. Even if you prefer lace, acrylic, or polyester underwear, a cotton crotch tends to be more comfortable and can also keep your sensitive areas healthier.

Because cotton is a breathable fabric, it allows for the circulation of air. This air flow keeps moisture from building up around your privates that could encourage bacterial growth. Since other fabrics do not have this ability, using them could increase your risk of vaginal and bladder infections.

Move around While Trying Them On

If you are buying separate panties that are not sold in a prepackaged bag, ask if you can try them on. Stores that allow this can give you a liner to place on the crotch to keep the underwear sanitary.

After slipping on the underwear, move in every way possible. Note how the panties feel, as well as how they react with each bend. If they do not roll, shift, or bunch up, you have likely found a good fitting pair. However, if you have to keep pulling or tugging on them, you should probably find another pair to try on.

Using the above tips while shopping for panties can help you find pairs that fit you comfortably without slipping or bunching up. If you need further assistance, speak with the sales representative at the store from which you buy your women's panties for more tips about finding ones that fit you just right.