4 Things You Should Know About Placing A Pellet Stove In Your Home

Pellet stoves are a great source of heat. They can warm up your home at an affordable price. If you are interested in using a pellet stove in your home, you need to understand a few things about how a pellet stove works.

#1 Where to Place Your Pellet Stove

You are going to want to think carefully about how heat and air move through your home. You want to place your pellet stove somewhere in your home where there is lots of ventilation and air flow. You want your pellet stove to be located where it will disperse the most amount of heat in the areas of your home that you use the most.

Additionally, you want to install your pellet stove somewhere near an electrical outlet. You want to plug your pellet stove directly into its own outlet. You don't want to plug it into an extension cord. This reduces the chances of the cord getting damaged.

#2 Need The Right Flooring

You can't just put a pellet stove down on your carpet. You need to have the right flooring under your pellet stove. Keep in mind that a pellet stove does actually burn pellets and produces heat and flames.

You want your pellet stove to sit on top of a non-combustible floor surface. You don't have to change out your entire flooring, you just want to make sure that the flooring under and near your pellet stove is non-combustible. Stone flooring is a great non-combustible flooring material.

#3 Pellet Stoves Make Some Noise

Pellet stoves make some noise. They do not operate quietly, but they are not that loud either. The noise level is generally tolerable. Pellet stoves use three different fans. There is a combustion fan, a convection fan, and an auger to promote airflow and ensure that the pellets burn. Your pellet stove may also make some vibration noises, but that can usually be fixed by tightening up the nuts and bolts on your pellet stove.

Most people don't find the noise louder or more annoying than a central air conditioning system cycling on and off. There should be a noise rating on the pellet stove to give you an idea of how loud it is.

#4 Have A Place to Store Your Pellets

Make sure that whatever location you choose gives you some room to store your pellets as well. You can purchase a container to use for store the pellets and chose a container that matches the interior of your home. You are going to have to add pellets to your stove throughout the day to keep it going. The more you run your pellet stove, the more you will need to refill the pellets.