Joke Gift Ideas For The Over-The-Hill Person In Your Life

You may love your friends and family with all your heart, but when they hit those big milestone birthdays, it is all kinds of fun to tease them relentlessly about making their way over the hill. There are all kinds of routes you can take to give them a gift that will make them smile (or make you smile), but over-the-hill joke gifts seem to be the best. Check out this short list of over-the-hill joke gift ideas you may want to consider for that aging friend or family member you can't help but tease about getting old. 

Old Age Survival Kit 

Gift baskets are always a nice gesture, but when you want to put a spin on the typical gift basket for a 40th, 50th, or 60th birthday, things can get really interesting. Create your loved one an old age survival kit that includes things like:

  • Adult diapers or incontinence control products
  • Fiber laxatives
  • Reading glasses
  • Memory-enhancing supplements 
  • A notebook with a string on it for taking notes and hanging around the neck
  • Anti-flatulence medications

You could really come up with all kinds of gag gifts that the new "senior citizen" will need because they are over the hill, so the possibilities here are pretty endless. 

Over-the-Hill Walking Cane

You can pick up a walking cane pretty cheap just about anywhere, and these things are a lot of fun to dress up and offer as an old-age birthday gift. Pick up a few cheap items and some glue or string to attach items to the cane. For example, a cheap set of plastic teeth on a string become spare dentures, a bicycle horn can be attached, and you can even stick a sign on the cane that says something about old-people crossing or exiting. 

Toilet Paper Cake

If you have ever been to a baby shower and saw a diaper cake, you get the idea of how a toilet paper cake can be made. These "cakes" are made by tying rolls of toilet paper together with ribbon to create different tier sizes. The cake can then be decorated with old-age items. You could wrap each tier with decorative over-the-hill ribbon, top the thing with a new toilet brush, and add hemorrhoid cream, air freshener, denture cream, and other old-people items for good measure. These toilet paper cakes make a cool gift, but they also make a good centerpiece at a birthday party. 

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