Motorcycle Officer Gear That Needs Care

 A motorcycle cop has a lot of things to think about with regards to their safety. They need to make sure their bike is in good mechanical order and that they have anything that doesn't feel right looked at right away. They need to watch out for anyone on the road that is violating laws, then pull them over without incidence. Then, they need to make sure they are wearing all the proper gear they need to have on in order to increase their safety while on the job and they need to make sure their gear is in good shape and that it gives them the features they need. Here are three pieces of gear a police officer who rides a motorcycle wants to make sure they give proper attention to and replace as necessary.

Gloves should be in great condition

A motorcycle officer needs to make sure they have gloves that fit them properly—they can't be too small or too loose. Also, gloves made from leather are a good choice because they will expand to mold to the officer's hand in a way that makes them feel as if they aren't even wearing gloves. This way, they maintain all the movement and flexibility they need. As gloves get old, the seams can rip or they can get holes in certain spots. As soon as the officer notices their gloves getting thin in certain areas, they should replace them before they start to rip.

Boots need to fit properly and be in good condition

The boots a motorcycle officer wears are very important. They need to fit just right, so the officer doesn't have trouble with the bike, or when they are off of it dealing with the public or dangerous situations. The boots should fit well at the feet and all the way up the calves. If they are too tight in the calves, then it can cause cramping, foot swelling and even dangerous problems from lack of proper blood flow. Boots that zip all the way up in the back are the easiest for officers to get on and leather material tends to be the most comfortable.

The helmet needs to be replaced

A motorcycle officer's helmet needs to fit just right, and it needs to be replaced after the expiration date. A police helmet also needs to be replaced if the officer has an accident. This is to ensure if the helmet took on any kind of impact, that it is replaced so it will be just as good at protecting the officer in the future. Once a helmet takes an impact, it loses some of its ability to fully protect the person's head wearing it.