Three Types Of Staff To Add To Your Shopping Mall To Accommodate Holiday Shoppers

When you manage a shopping mall, you have to be prepared for the increase of shoppers that you'll experience around the holidays. While some keen shoppers get their holiday shopping mostly wrapped up in November, the reality is that many will head to the mall in December — making for some busy conditions under your roof. Extending your mall's hours can be a good way to accommodate your holiday shoppers and ease congestion in the mall, but hiring additional staff can also be a worthwhile investment for your organization. Here are three types of staff to add.

Valet Parking

Most malls don't have valet parking throughout the year, but many will add it over the holidays. Doing so is useful for several ways, and may actually help to draw more shoppers to your mall — especially if you're in an area that has cold winters. Valet parking helps shoppers avoid the hassles of scouring the mall's parking lots for open spaces, as well as saves people the effort of perhaps walking a considerable distance to their vehicles while carrying heavy shopping bags. For shoppers who are concerned about carrying high-value items through the parking lot at night, valet parking is a safer option.

Mall Security

The addition of extra security officers to your mall around the holidays is a must. While most of the people in your mall will be there to shop, you can't ignore the fact that some visitors will have illicit intentions in mind. Shoplifting or even robbing shoppers can potentially occur, but the presence of uniformed and plainclothes security officers will prevent such issues. Talk to your security provider about increasing the size of its force and discuss some areas in which you want increased patrols — in the parking lots, for example.

Personal Shoppers

Hiring a number of people to work as personal shoppers can be a good idea for your mall. Lots of people find shopping to be daunting, especially around the holidays, and may choose to shop online. You can compel such individuals to visit your mall by having personal shopping services available. Hire a number of energetic and personable people who will accompany shoppers to help them make choices about what they want to buy. For example, an elderly couple who struggles with the idea of buying gifts for their grandchildren will find the shopping process to be much more pleasant when they get help from a personal shopper.

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