Going To A Funeral? Tips To Help You Select The Right Flower Arrangement

The flower arrangements that you see at funerals can hold a lot of meaning. Arrangements are normally given by people who want to send their condolences to the family while simultaneously lifting the mood of the event with beautiful, rich colors that can make the bouquets come alive. Although you may have purchased flowers for a beloved mate or someone you were trying to get to know better, it can be hard to buy a funeral arrangement for the very first time. The tips in this article can provide you with some great suggestions that should make the selection process much easier.

Try To Find Out What Colors The Deceased Preferred

When you are buying a gift for someone who is living, it is quite common to go out of your way to determine what that individual likes. There are lots of things you can do to uncover a person's preferences, and if you have the gift of stealth it can all be accomplished without you having to ask the intended what they want.

Take this same approach when you are picking out a flower arrangement for the deceased. Look for existing social media pages that haven't been shut down yet and see if there is any telling information listed there. The pictures on personal pages can give you lots of clues concerning which colors were most desirable, and you might even catch a few shots that feature a few bouquets of flowers in the background. Doing a little bit of detective work can provide you with enough information to pick out a flower arrangement that brings a smile to the faces of those who were closest to the deceased individual.

In-Season Flowers Are The Freshest

Part of the reason why flowers are so traditional at funerals is that they add a touch of freshness and life to an event that could be very somber without them. You wouldn't want to send flowers that weren't local or in-season because by the time they show up at the funeral location they might be wilted and brown. 

Ask the florist which flowers are in-season and which varieties tend to last the longest. The grieving family is sure to appreciate the extra effort.

Sending funeral flower arrangements to a memorial service can truly speak volumes. Select the type that you like and schedule the drop-off so that the flowers will arrive right on time.