Are You Planning An Inspiring Youth Conference For The Kids At Your Church?

Do you work as a volunteer with the youth of your congregation? If so, are you on the planning committee for this fall's youth conference? Maybe you are way ahead of the game and all of the plans have been made. If that's the case, all of your volunteers must already be working on carrying out those plans. 

Or, it might be that you are still working on the plans for the youth conference. If that's the case, from buying purpose motivational jerseys for all the kids to planning inspiring activities, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun and memorable youth conference:

Purpose Motivational Jerseys

Start by selecting a theme for your conference. Will the youth in your group be helping to plan everything? If so, they will probably have great ideas for this year's youth conference theme. However, they might need your help in brainstorming. With that in mind, consider themes like Rise High, Lift Others, or Watch Me Succeed. If you want to make the jerseys of a more Christian nature, any of those themes could have the words 'With Jesus' at the end.

For example, Watch Me Succeed could easily become Watch Me Succeed With Jesus, which would indicate that anything is possible with the help of Jesus Christ. No matter which themes you select and which words you request to be part of the design of the kid's motivational jerseys, the great thing is that motivational jerseys are very affordable and they are made of high-quality materials. This means that, later on, the kids can wear their motivational jerseys to other youth events, or even to school.

Wouldn't it be something if a friend asked one of your group's friends about what it means when they say to 'rise high'? Wouldn't that be the perfect opportunity for that youth to invite his or her friend to church activities? It will turn out that the shirts don't just motivate the kids, they might even motivate and inspire other youth. 

Plan Inspiring Activities

Of course, dances and other fun-filled activities will be an important part of the youth conference. However, what the young men and young women will more than likely remember the most will be the inspiring activities they attended. For example, consider doing a service project in which the kids get to see the faces of the recipients of their service. Imagine little kids at a homeless shelter and how their smiles will inspire your youth group to remember to help the poor among us.

Have inspiring workshops, too. For example, one workshop might focus on how youth can have the same courage that the original Twelve Disciples had when they continued Jesus Christ's ministry. Another workshop might be based on the work that is done today in third world countries.