Why A Shoulder Strap Duffel Bag Can Be Better Than A Small Suitcase For Air Travel

When you're shopping for a soft-sided piece of carry-on luggage to take on your next trip by air, one of your immediate instincts might be to find a small, wheeled suitcase. This is the approach that many travelers take, and this type of luggage has a lot of advantages. For example, in addition to being lighter than a hard-sided suitcase, its wheels allow you to navigate large airport terminals with ease. However, there are also several advantages of choosing a carry-on duffel bag with a shoulder strap as your carry-on luggage. Here are some reasons that this type of luggage can be better than a small suitcase.

It's Easier To Move When Rushing

At the airport, you don't always have the luxury of taking a leisurely stroll through the terminal toward your departure gate. Sometimes — and this is often the case when you have a short layover — you have to hustle from one gate to another. It can sometimes be difficult to navigate a crowded terminal concourse when you're dragging a wheeled suitcase behind you. In such scenarios, being able to sling your bag over your shoulder and run or walk briskly can be easier.

It's Easier To Stow On The Airplane

One of the constant challenges of dealing with carry-on luggage is stowing it in the overhead compartment once you get on the plane. If you frequently travel short distances on regional jets, the overhead storage space is small — and this can mean that a wheeled suitcase can be difficult to fit in the bin. You may sometimes have to gate check the bag, which is never a comfortable feeling. When you have a shoulder strap bag, its smaller size can often make it easier to stow overhead. Additionally, you may sometimes be able to fit it under the seat in front of you — something that isn't possible with a suitcase.

It Keeps Things Level

One of the challenges of a conventional suitcase is that you place it horizontally to carefully pack, and then as soon as you've filled the suitcase, you turn it vertically and wheel it around. In doing so, your articles of clothing can shift — usually, by sliding toward the bottom of the suitcase. The result can be wrinkled clothing by the time that you reach your destination. When you pack your clothing in a shoulder strap bag, you generally keep this bag horizontal. This can be effective for protecting your clothing during your trip.