Plus-Size And Apple-Shaped? Tips For Finding Flattering Pieces

The combination of being plus-size and apple-shaped can be somewhat frustrating. Many of the trendy pieces are geared toward women with a smaller waist and larger hips or those who need more seat room. Fortunately, knowing where to look can help you find pieces that flatter virtually any size and shape.


Jeans are a must-have for any wardrobe, because, depending on the style and color, you can take them from casual to date night. Start by shopping at retailers that have a wide variety of sizes and styles. Women who are on the cusp of straight and plus-size might actually find that some straight-size retailers do a good job of fitting their body type. Sometimes junior-plus jeans work slightly better for apple-shapes because they may have a larger waist with slimmer hips and legs. If you cannot find junior-plus options, look for slim-fit options in the women's section. Slim-fit jeans might be found in styles like skinny jeans, straight leg, and boot-cut. The goal is to find jeans that are your natural size in the waist but are not baggy in the legs, which can make your jeans look sloppy.


When choosing dresses, you may want to opt for fit-and-flare styles. These generally hug the bust and flare out immediately below the bust. Some examples include maxi dresses, which work well to conceal your midsection if you are self-conscious about this area. Since the maxi dress does not hug your lower-body, it can also disguise slim hips and thighs relative to your middle. Wrap-dresses are a popular option for almost any body type, but whether a specific one is flattering might depend on where the tie hits on your waist. If the dress ties around the smallest part of your natural waist and flares out, this can look better than one that happens to tie around the largest part of your waist. With dresses, shapewear can be the most important piece of clothing. Shapewear that is made to look like high-waisted shorts or a bodysuit will be the best option to wear under dresses.


Generally, it is better to wear dark-colored shirts and light-colored pants since the darker color tends to have a slimming effect on the upper body. If you are uncomfortable with your mid-section, wearing somewhat structured shirts that flow over your middle will be the most aesthetic. Sometimes people with an apple shape will just opt for larger shirts, but this tactic can make you appear larger overall and will hide important contours of your body. If you are comfortable showing your arms or wearing shirts with a more open neckline, do this. This will help with showing the contours of your body and can prevent a shirt from making you look boxy.

Regardless of your shape and size, the most important part of buying clothes is choosing options that make you feel your best. For women who happen to be plus-size and apple-shaped and feel uncomfortable about their figure, there are plenty of options that can provide a flattering look. Keep these tips in mind as you visit local clothing stores