How To Select A CBD Shop

Over the past few years in many towns and cities across the country, CBD shops have been popping up by the dozens. If you've been interested in CBD, you may not even know where to start on finding a decent CBD shop for yourself. It's a relatively new industry, a lot of the shops are new players on the scene, and if you've got marijuana dispensaries also in the mix, the whole thing can be confusing.

Knowledge Base

The first thing is to find a store with a staff that has a good sense of the products they have in store and how they're best used. This doesn't mean that every member in the store can give you a dissertation on CBD and hemp products. This is more of a sign of how much the store cares. A store like this will also have staff that are willing to say that they don't know but will find out in answer to your questions. A knowledge of products isn't meant to display intelligence, it just shows how much they care about their products and their customers.


You want a shop that has a variety of brands that they use. Maybe not all of them are going to have a wide variety, but you want them to be sourcing different oils from different places. This is useful in case there's a recall; they're not going to be out of stock, and you don't have to find a whole new shop while that gets sorted out. But it also gives you a variety of different oils to choose from so you can figure out what works best for you.


This is really important. The store sells stuff intended to be ingested or stuff that will come into contact with your mucous membranes. Especially in the era of COVID-19, cleanliness is important, but even without that caveat, it's important that the store be clean and that the staff seem knowledgeable on how to keep their products sanitary.

Planning for the Long-Term

A lot of the shops that opened are going to close. This has happened in other industries. If you end up picking a shop that ends up closing, you're going to have to do the whole thing over again. So look for a shop that has a long-term plan for how it's going to handle the competition in the market, especially if they have to begin competing with dispensaries.

Contact a CBD shop in your area to learn more.