3 Benefits Of Crew Socks For Tennis Players

As tennis players rush back and forth on a court, the health of their feet is an important aspect of their game. If you're an avid tennis player, then the socks you choose could make a big difference when you're on the court. As you shop for athletic sport crew socks, learn about the benefits associated directly with tennis players.

1. Foot Comfort

Crew socks are known for going higher up on the leg. The socks will typically extend to the mid-shin area, and some pairs go up to just below the knee. When you wear taller socks, your feet will remain more comfortable on the court. With ankle socks or no-show socks, quick movements and motions can cause a sock to slip under the heel or go out of place.

The tall crew socks will remain in place. If you feel like the sock is out of place, give a quick tug at the top to tighten the sock.

2. Sweat Control

Moist and sweaty feet can change the way you play and run around a tennis court. Crew socks offer a lot of sweat control. The socks will soak up sweat from the legs as well. You do not have to worry about sweat dripping down your thighs and getting into a shoe. When you go from ankle socks to crew socks, you can notice a difference in the sweat control.

Crew socks typically feature thicker soles as well. The thick soles will help with sweat management and provide a little extra cushion as you play tennis. The thick soles also give you the chance to add moisturizer so your feet do not dry out. The socks will keep the lotion inside without impacting the bottom of a shoe.

3. Style Options

Style is a big part of playing tennis, and you can select socks to match your wardrobe. As you shop for athletic crew socks, you will find many design options to match tennis outfits. Some of the more basic designs include solid colors. If you wear a red shirt and black shorts, then you can match your top with a pair of red socks.

Go a little bolder with your sock collection with multi-color options. A vintage style includes striped socks with colors near the top of the sock. Screen-printed designs include graphics, pictures, or various patterns. Build a collection of socks to match various tennis outfits and have multiple options for when you play.

Try out crew socks the next time you practice tennis to see the difference when compared with other socks you play with.