Three Keys To Choosing Promotional Lanyards

One type of promotional product that is worthwhile to order and give out at events such as trade shows is a lanyard. Many people in the business world find these accessories handy. Typically, a person will affix a piece of identification to the lanyard and hang it around their neck for easy access. When the person chooses to use your lanyard, people who come in contact with them will see your brand's name, logo, and contact information on the lanyard. If you're planning to order some promotional lanyards to hand out, here are some keys to choosing the right design.

Wide Is Better

A promotional company will typically have all sorts of lanyards available, and it's important for you to spend some time evaluating the options so that you can choose the right one. You'll often have the choice of lanyards in several different widths. In general, a wider product will be better than a narrower one. When the lanyard is wide, it will be possible for your branding information to be larger. This information may simply be too small on a narrow lanyard, which can make it difficult for people to read the name of your company and learn more about you.

Breakaway Design Is Critical

You'll see some lanyards that are called "breakaway lanyards." This means that they have a special clip that will open up if the lanyard gets caught in something. The breakaway clip is a valuable safety feature. For example, if a person were to get the end of their lanyard caught in a door, the clip would allow the lanyard to fall off the person's neck, rather than exert pressure against it. People who are familiar with lanyards are often aware of the important nature of this feature, so you want to choose a breakaway design.

Softness Is Important

Because lanyards are made from several different materials, how they feel can vary. It's advantageous to look for a product that is soft. While some of the people who wear your promotional lanyards will place it under the collar of their shirt, others will have it directly on the skin of their neck. A soft and comfortable lanyard will be more appealing for people to wear. Conversely, if you were to order a product with scratchy material, someone may wear the lanyard for a short period of time and then decide to discontinue its use because it lacks comfort.