Benefits Of Flecked Carpet

When you visit a flooring retailer that carries an extensive selection of carpet, you'll see a lot of examples of flecked carpet. This term describes carpet that is predominantly one color, but that has small flecks of one or more other colors throughout it. If you're in the process of shopping for carpet for an area of your home, flecked carpet should definitely be a style that you consider. A salesperson can point out different popular flecked carpet products, including many that will likely suit your budget. Here are three benefits of flecked carpet that can make it a desirable choice for installing in one or more rooms of your home.

It Hides Debris Well

While there are numerous advantages of carpet that is just one color, the drawback to this style is that any fleck of dirt or debris will often be visible. For example, if you have a solid off-white carpet and there's a tiny piece of gray lint on it, you'll often be able to see the lint from across the room. Flecked carpet is a popular choice for homeowners because of its ability to hide dirt and debris. Because this product has all sorts of small flecks of one or more colors, a piece of lint on the carpet's surface won't stand out nearly as much.

It's More Vibrant Than Plain Carpet

Many people enjoy the look of carpet that is just one color, but other people feel that this look can lack a bit of visual appeal. If you're of the opinion that plain carpet doesn't provide enough visual interest, flecked carpet can be a good option to pursue. It's certainly more vibrant than plain carpet. But, at the same time, it doesn't become the focal point in the room as much as a carpet that has a vivid pattern. In many ways, flecked carpet can be the perfect design that isn't too plain but also isn't too vibrant.

It Can Complement A Lot Of Rooms

Flecked carpet can be a good match in many different rooms throughout your home. If you have a room that has blue walls or blue furniture, you wouldn't necessarily want a blue carpet because it would add too much blue. A gray or off-white carpet with blue flecks, however, can be a perfect complement in this room. You'll also find flecked carpets in which the flecks are several different colors. This type of product can work well in a room in which there are many different colors present.

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