3 Ways To Use Natural Russian Shungite For Meditation

The shungite stone has been shipped from Russia for multiple generations and crystal collectors often use the stone as a healing crystal. If you like to meditate on a regular basis, then you can find a wide variety of ways to use natural Russian shungite for your meditation purposes. The various methods require different forms of shungite that you can purchase online.

Check out some of the unique methods and ways to use natural Russian shungite for your meditation purposes.

1. Zen Garden

A crystal zen garden includes a sand base and a small box that holds the sand. A zen garden allows you to set up crystal formations and use a small rake to form the sand into different shapes. Shungite stones add a natural contrast to the lighter sand shades and will create a nice look in the zen garden.

You can place stones in the sand and calmly rake sand around them as you relax and meditate. If you purchase multiple stones, you can set up the stones in different formations. Along with meditating while you set up the stones, you could use a zen garden to focus while you meditate. Stare at the stones, study the formations, and enjoy the different setup options.

2. Shaped Shungite

When you purchase shungite online, you can purchase shaped shungite that has been polished and smoothed over. The shaped shungite gives your hands something to focus on while you meditate. For example, you could purchase a shungite in the shape of a cube. Your hands could rub over the smooth surfaces, edges, and corners as you meditate.

Other shape examples include ovals, spheres, or geometric shapes with multiple edges and sides. In some cases, you may want to purchase more than one shape of shungite to mix up the way you meditate and have different options available.

3. Shungite Bracelet

If you like to meditate through short sessions throughout the day, then consider wearing a shungite bracelet. Shungite bracelets come in many different styles and design options. The stones could be cut into round shapes, rectangle shapes, or small pieces known as dragon scales.

Purchase bracelets with elastic bands for the most comfort. A bracelet with an elastic band allows you to easily stretch and move the beads around for maximum comfort. As you meditate, you can play with the beads to help you focus and eliminate distractions. You could slide beads around, rub them, or spin them.

The more you meditate, the more you will find your best routine and methods to help you relax.

Shop for Russian shungite online to see the available options.