Reasons To Equip Your Handgun With A Red Dot

If you own a handgun and enjoy practicing with it, it's always fun to learn about the multitude of accessories that you can add to the firearm. Optics are one of the most popular accessory categories, given how they can help your shooting. There are lots of optics on the market, and you can browse a wide selection of products when you visit a gun accessories store. A popular option is a red dot, which gets its name because of the red laser dot that it projects onto wherever you point your firearm. Here are three reasons to equip your firearm with a red dot.

Quick Target Acquisition

A lot of people favor red dots because they allow you to acquire your target very quickly. With conventional gun sights, you need to line up the rear iron sight with the front iron sight, and then ensure that the two sights are in alignment with your target. This can be a time-consuming process, which isn't always ideal. With a red dot, you can acquire your target in much less time. You assess where the red dot is situated on the target, change the position of your gun accordingly, and then pull the trigger.

Accuracy In Low Light

When you practice shooting at a gun range, the environment will typically be well-lit. However, there may be times when you need to use your firearm in a low-light environment. In the case of home defense, for example, you'll feel confident if you have a red dot on your handgun. In the event of an intruder at night, standard iron sights on a handgun can be difficult to see because the environment is dark. It's easy to align your firearm with your target when you have a red dot, which can be critical for stopping the threat.

Better Situational Awareness

When you use traditional iron sights on a handgun, you typically close one eye and use the other to focus on the sights. Doing so reduces your range of vision around you, which can compromise your situational awareness. Many gun enthusiasts want to be as aware of their surroundings as possible. This can especially be true if you carry a handgun for self-defense. It's not necessary to close one eye when you have a red dot, which allows you to be more aware of any threats around you.

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