3 Ways To Not Get Charged For The Weight Of Your Reusable Produce Bag

Reusable produce bags are good for the environment and can make transporting and storing your produce easier than plastic grocery store bags. One of the drawbacks that keep some consumers from switching to reusable bags is that these bags often way more than their plastic counterparts, which translates to being charged more money for the same amount of produce. But you don't have to be charged more. Below are three tips to make sure you get charged the right amount for your produce:

Know the Weight of Your Bag 

Take your empty bag to the store and weigh it on a scale. Then, write the weight of the bag somewhere visible on the bag. Many people write the weight on a small paper tag or, using a permanent marker, directly on the bag. When pricing your produce, you can use the weight of the bag as a tare weight, subtracting it from the weight of your produce. Some stores may prefer for you to bring an empty bag so they can quickly set the tare on their scales with the empty bag and then weigh the full bag. 

Go to Reusable-Friendly Stores 

Many stores support reusable bags. Often, employees who work at stores that specialize in bulk products will not blink an eye when you show up with your own containers. They will be trained on how to tare weights and make sure you are paying the right price for your produce. However, even stores that don't specialize in bulk products may be willing to work with your reusable bags if you explain your concerns. It may involve going to a couple of stores, but you should find one where the employees are supportive of reusable bags and are willing to take the extra seconds it requires to mark your purchases appropriately.  

Opt for Ultra-Light Bags

Some produce bags made of nylon or mesh are comparable in weight to their plastic counterparts. If you don't want to deal with tare weights, you should opt for an ultra-light produce bag. Choose a thin bag without any extras such as a drawstring, zipper, or plastic clip. This will ensure that the bag weighs as little as possible and does not affect the cost of your purchase. 

Using reusable bags should not end up costing you more than their plastic counterparts. However, you may have to take some proactive steps to make sure you are charged the right price at checkout. Contact a company that makes reusable produce bags for sale for more information and assistance.