A Glass Pipe That Is Attractive, Durable, And Simple To Clean

If you own an older metal pipe or are used to rolling herbs or tobacco, you may be discouraged with each smoking session that you partake in. Older equipment that is not filtered properly will result in you needing to clean the interior chamber and bowl on a routine basis, and rolling loose materials can be messy. Treat yourself to enjoyable smoking experiences by purchasing a glitter glass pipe from a company like Foco Funktional.

A Pipe That Can Be Chilled Will Provide A New Experience

Does the harshness of smoke often hinder smoking sessions, or are you somewhat discouraged about smoking outdoors when it is cold outside due to the possibility of your equipment becoming damaged? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may be ready to test out a pipe that contains liquid glycerin and glitter in its interior chamber. Glass that is very thick is used to construct this type of pipe.

An airtight seal is used in a pipe's design, and this will prevent air from entering the chamber when you are smoking. The best quality of a glass glitter pipe is that it can withstand frigid temperatures. If you would like to take your smoking sessions to a whole new level, place a glitter pipe inside of a freezer for several minutes. Afterward, remove the pipe and fill its bowl with your favorite herbal blend or tobacco.

When you inhale, you will not experience hot, stifling smoke. Instead, you will be greeted with a crisp and refreshing sensation. In addition, you can bring a glass pipe outdoors during the summer or winter and will not need to worry about the glass being damaged. This will allow you to incorporate smoking sessions whenever you are spending time in your yard or trekking through the woods, no matter what the weather is like. 

Cleaning Should Be Performed Occasionally

Select a glitter pipe that you like. There are some with one color of glitter inside the chamber and some that contain several colors, which will create a shimmery effect. There are even pipes that are designed to glow in the dark. A cleaning agent that is designed for glass pipes can be purchased from a pipe supplier. You can forgo purchasing screens, since a filtering system is not necessary with the use of a glass glitter pipe. You won't need to clean the pipe's interior or bowl very often but should inspect the pipe for dirty residue after each smoking session.

When you are ready to clean your pipe, use hot water to rinse its exterior and interior. During this process, hardened gunk will be removed from the glass surface. Next, pour a little of the pipe cleaning agent into the bowl and chamber. Shake the pipe vigorously for several seconds. Use water to rinse the cleaning agent from the pipe's surface.