Different Types Of Firearm Suppressors Available Online

A firearm suppressor, colloquially known as a silencer, is a device designed to muffle the sound and minimize the muzzle flash when a gun is discharged. Each suppressor is engineered for a particular type of firearm, with key variations among them. This guide outlines the different types of suppressors you can find online.

Rimfire Suppressors

Rimfire suppressors are designed specifically for firearms that use rimfire ammunition. Given the lower pressures and noise levels associated with rimfire cartridges, these suppressors tend to be smaller and lighter than others. Many are built to be disassembled, a useful feature for regular maintenance as rimfire ammo is notorious for leaving significant residue.

Pistol Suppressors

Designed for handguns, pistol suppressors strike a balance between noise reduction and practical size. These suppressors are engineered to accommodate the semi-automatic cycling typical of most pistols. Some incorporate an internal mechanism to ensure reliable cycling even with the added weight on the barrel.

Rifle Suppressors

Built to withstand the higher pressures produced by rifle cartridges, rifle suppressors are typically larger and more robust. Despite their size, these devices significantly reduce the noise generated by powerful rifle calibers, making them an essential accessory for many rifle enthusiasts.

Shotgun Suppressors

Although less common, shotgun suppressors are available online. Because shotguns use more powerful ammunition, these suppressors are larger and heavier, making them more challenging to implement effectively. However, they are an invaluable accessory for those who need to quiet their shotgun blasts.

Multi-Caliber Suppressors

Multi-caliber suppressors, as the name suggests, provide the versatility to be used across various firearm calibers. This ability to adapt makes them an excellent option for those who possess a diverse collection of firearms. These suppressors are designed to provide an effective level of sound suppression across different calibers, meaning you won't have to invest in a unique suppressor for each of your firearms.

However, there's a trade-off to their versatility. While multi-caliber suppressors can suppress the sound of many calibers to a certain degree, they might not provide the same level of suppression as a dedicated suppressor for a specific caliber. 

Essentially, these offer broad utility but may not reach the highest performance in any single category.

Quick Detach and Direct Thread Suppressors

Suppressors attach to firearms in one of two ways: direct threading onto the barrel or using a quick-detach (QD) system. Direct thread suppressors provide a simple, reliable connection, while QD suppressors allow for rapid attachment and removal, a convenient feature for users who need to swap their suppressor between firearms frequently.

To learn more about firearm suppressors, contact a professional near you.